Developing your own Decision-Making AI system has never been easier.

Argument Theory offers the rAIson platform, a no-code symbolic artificial intelligence (AI) development platform specializing in the modeling and development of automated decision-making systems.

The technology behind the rAIson platform is based on computational argumentation, a modern approach to (Symbolic) Artificial Intelligence, an AI with reasoning and behavioral capabilities similar to that of a human.

A no-code symbolic Artificial Intelligence (AI)
development platform

The rAIson platform is an ideal no-code development environment for modeling a decision-making problem and developing an automated decision-making system that is required to have one or all of the following features: • able to consider a multitude of alternative decision options that may be conflicting • take into consideration several interconnected and competing criteria / parameters • act in a dynamic and evolving environment for context-dependent decisions • consider contradictory and uncertain information • process relevant information that may be missing (need to make assumptions) with the goal to make optimal decisions and explain the reasons that justify them.

rAIson and Explainable AI

The computational argumentation on which the rAIson platform is based, is an approach particularly suited to proposing solutions within the framework of Explainable and Trustable AI.

Easy development, directly at the application language level
The technology used is transparent to application developers
Highly modular development in the face of new knowledge on the application problem
The knowledge of the developed system is acquired through a dialogue in natural language of the developer with the platform
Argumentation allows a flexible representation of the problem which tolerates contradictory information or knowledge
Reliable solutions based on the capability of the developed system to explain its reasoning and decisions

Three reasons for adopting raison

Transform your personal use cases into applications
Personal use: rAIson gives the opportunity to individuals without programming/coding skills in artificial intelligence but with innovative ideas to satisfy personal needs and innovate by transforming their own use cases into applications.
Doing business with rAIson
Professional use: a developer who develops applications that may have general value can do business by offering, through the rAIson platform marketplace, their applications to other users, at the desired price. Developers of software applications will be able to place their apps in the well-known app stores and market them as they wish.
Collective development for businesses
Business use: a company can form teams of developers without necessarily programming/coding skills in AI, that work collectively on the same application by sharing the rAIson innovative no-code development environment. These teams can model and quickly develop artificial intelligence systems that automate decision-making processes, thus saving time and money.

Varied fields of application

rAIson allows you to develop decision-making systems in many real-world domains.


Automated management of regulatory compliance

Automated support for medical diagnosis

Automated intelligent trading systems
Data Access
Data access

Automated data access management

Automated support of judicial decisions

Automated risk and threat assessment

Automated risk evaluation and mitigation
Personal assistants

Development of different types of personal assistants that may support users in different real-life situations

And you, how do you model and automate your decisions?