rAIson: an innovative no-code AI development platform

Argument Theory offers you the rAIson platform, a no-code symbolic AI development platform, to automate your elaborate decision-making problems, without any knowledge of artificial intelligence techniques, through a simple way to represent the knowledge of your problem. This, then, provides an automated decision-making system that reasons to find solutions according to the specified knowledge.

An innovation engine

The rAIson platform runs over an argumentation system which is a generic inference engine that is endowed with both argumentative and abductive reasoning capabilities. The system is capable of performing contextual reasoning, even in the presence of incomplete information through hypothetical reasoning, and is able to explain its reasoning in order to justify its decisions. The decision-making systems developed inherit these capabilities.

Thanks to our argumentation system, rAIson has the capacity to assess arguments for or against a decision and to provide explanations of the reasons and hypotheses in support of a specific decision.

How it works…

Through a natural language dialogue with the rAIson platform, a developer is able, by answering questions from the platform, to naturally encode her/his own decision policies in the language of our inference engine and build her/his application without writing a single line of code. These encoded policies allow our inference engine to reproduce the reasoning of a human decision-maker in a precise and reliable manner by automating her/his way of making decisions in a specific domain of real-world applications. This dialogue automates a user’s knowledge acquisition and preference elicitation and thus allows the automation of symbolic AI systems development. With the rAIson platform a developer can work individually or collectively with other developers working on the same application and be able to: • propose different possible scenarios in natural language which constitute decision arguments in favor or against different alternative decision options • confirm or modify the scenarios proposed by another developer • propose preference arguments to resolve conflicts between competitive decisions or modify those proposed by another developer • aggregate complementary points of views and possibly contradictory opinions

A development platform that democratizes the possibility to create AI applications

The rAIson platform allows anyone to innovate by transforming their own use case into an application, or, for businesses to develop automated decision-making systems capable of assisting human decision-makers or delegating human decisions to these AI-based systems. The applications thus developed can be used directly via our platform, through a device (e.g. mobile phone, PC) or be integrated into businesses IT environments and use the services of our reasoning system via the APIs provided by our SaaS platform.

The rAIson platform helps individual users or businesses model decision-making problems and develop automated decision-making systems in different real-world domains. Developers do not need to have expertise in AI (or computational argumentation specifically) and they do not need to write code.

Developers work at their application domain level. They use their application expertise or knowledge to model their decision policies in their familiar application vocabulary and automate the decision-making process.

rAIson and Machine Learning

Our APIs allow to connect the applications developed with rAIson to machine learning tools (e.g. a data analytics tool), which may provide some of the data relevant to the application at hand.

rAIson and Explainable AI

The computational argumentation on which the rAIson platform is based, is an approach particularly suited to proposing solutions within the framework of Explainable and Trustable AI.

Easy development, directly at the application language level
The technology used is transparent to application developers
Highly modular development in the face of new knowledge on the application problem
The knowledge of the developed system is acquired through a dialogue in natural language of the developer with the platform
Argumentation allows a flexible representation of the problem which tolerates contradictory information or knowledge
Reliable solutions based on the capability of the developed system to explain its reasoning and decisions